5 Great Productive Things To Do On Your Day Off Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

We rarely get days off. When we get a vacation day, we wonder how we can make it the most productive day ever. We often believe that our weekends go by fast and that we cannot do everything we want. It’s hard not to see our day off as the day where we catch up on all our tasks.

Productivity includes getting yourself ready for the next task or project. We all want to be productive, but we think we’re not productive enough. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make us productive because they make us happy.

I want to go over a few tips and ideas to teach you how to make your weekend or your day off more productive. Productivity on your day-off is not about completing a 100 item task list.

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#1 – Connect With Friends and Family

Connecting with friends and family satisfies your social need. You usually don’t have time during the week to connect with people. I read a study that said the happiest people were those surrounded by their friends and family. We need to focus on building these connections when we have spare time.

You can spend time with your friends and family by doing simple activities. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Some simple activities include:

  • popping in for a visit,
  • going to the park,
  • going for a walk,
  • having dinner together,
  • going to church,
  • or making a phone call.

Life is too short. We can’t continue the stay in this rat race and work all the time.

To be happy, we need to cultivate our social networks. You can’t do this online or in virtual reality. We have to do this in our world. We always get caught up in doing digital activities. Sending an email or writing social media posts may be a great way to connect with people you don’t see as much. We should also make an effort to spend time with them. We never know when we’re not going to have them in our lives.

#2 – Get Recharged

Focus on getting recharged and your health. Focusing on your health is something you should do all day. It shouldn’t be one meal or one drink. Improving your health is something you can do without leaving your home. The focus should be all getting recharged so that when you go back to work, you don’t feel more tired than when you left. You have the feeling of being refreshing ready to tackle anything.

You want that feeling that you get when you go on vacation after you come back to work. You feel refreshed, you’re happy, and you are ready to get back to your routine. You can have this feeling after your day off. It all starts with taking care of your body relaxing.
Some healthy activities are:

  • eat healthy meals,
  • exercising,
  • hydrating,
  • getting extra sleep,
  • getting a facial or a massage.

Maintain the same morning and bedtime routines. That way, your schedule isn’t completely thrown off. It is easier to pop right back into your workday routine.

#3 – Have Fun

In productivity, fun is always seeing as a negative thing. It’s always looked at as you can’t be productive and you can have fun at the same time. There should be a balance between having fun and being productive. You can’t always be productive. Otherwise, you’re going to stress yourself out. You can still be having fun because otherwise, you’re not going to get anything done that you need to get done. So having fun on your day off is part of being productive. It’s part of the productivity balance because you’re taking care of a need.

You can do fun and productive activities. Many fun activities don’t involve traveling long distances or are expensive. They’re simple things you can do at home or in your locality. Having fun will make you feel less stressed out. Managing your stress is vital for your mental health. You are taking care of your fun need.

Some things that you can do to be more productive include

  • engaging in a hobby,
  • playing a game,
  • traveling somewhere new,
  • are reading something that will help you improve.

#4 – Give Back

Another thing you can do on your day off is to give back to others. It’s essential to engage in philanthropy. Do this early in the morning. That way, you start your day in a festive mood. Giving back doesn’t always mean volunteering at your local soup kitchen. It could be as simple as making a donation or helping a neighbor in need.

The reason you should give back is not only because it’s the right thing to do but because you may need help one day. Someone helped you out before, so why not do for others what someone did for you. Follow the golden rule.

#5 – Disengage from Technology and Media

This one is the biggest thing you can do to make yourself more productive on your day off. We need to disengage from technology and the media. That stuff will rot your brain. Get away from your cell phones, your computers, your social media, and any other types of media. Disengage all day.

You’re bombarded with this stuff all week, and sometimes you need to do a digital detox. Needs to go out and give yourself a chance to live in the real world and gain real-world experience. Her brain has a hard time distinguishing between virtual reality and actual reality. When we stay in virtual reality too long, we get a false sense of productivity.

We believe productivity is posting five social media posts or beating a level in a videogame. Even though we do these things, did we do something that produces something of value? Did our social media posts make that big of a difference? Did winning the videogame improve our lives? These are questions that we have to figure out.

Detox from technology by silencing the notifications on your phone. If you are waiting for important phone calls, leave your phone in another room or across the room from you. Put it somewhere hard to reach, so you aren’t checking your notifications.

Turn off the television and go outside and take a breath of fresh air. The media bombards us with junk all the time. When we take a day off, we need to take the day off from technology.


I shared valuable tips that I use on my days off that make me more productive when I go back to work. I follow these tips on my days off to return to work refreshed and in a festive mood. I ready to get in the game, and I’m more productive. I hope these tips help you out and give you ideas of how more productive on your days off.

By Deborah

Deborah is the main content writer at Lazy Jack. She enjoys being a productivity master, being a cat mom, and making new discoveries.