The Productivity Blogs of Your Dreams

Your searching online for the best productivity blogs to read. You may have an idea of how to be productive, but you want more information about productivity. You want to be the person that completes every single task on your to-do list. Well, not every single one, but all the crucial ones. 

You start Googling and reading productivity blogs. You find several lists of these blogs. Then you add them to your RSS feed or bookmark them and begin reading. You soon discover that most blog posts on these blogs are filler that doesn’t apply to you. 

Reading productivity blogs is beneficial because you learn from the experiences of others. Learning from the wrong source can cause you to be less productive. I put together a list of my favorite productivity blogs. I hope you enjoy reading these.

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How to Follow Productivity Blogs

The best way to follow these productivity blogs is to download them to a mobile or desktop app such as an RSS reader. You can also bookmark the websites. You can add a shortcut to your home screen or desktop.

#1 – Lazy Jack

I am starting this list with my blog, Lazy Jack. I created the Lazy Jack blog for people who enjoy reading unique content. I don’t follow trends or copy other productivity blogs. You’re not getting the same productivity tips day in and day out. I found that many productivity blogs rehash the same information. They aren’t providing new or useful information.

The majority of productivity blog posts are from corporations. These corporations write so you will buy their expensive products. Most of the articles from these companies are very basic. Many times, corporations don’t base what they write on real-world experiences. They hire a ghostwriter who only uses online research. Some articles even give counterproductive advice. 

I wanted to be different. I write about my own real-world experiences. 

If you like this blog you want to keep up, the best way to do that is to become a member or add it to your RSS feed. The main topics of my blog are: 

  • productivity techniques, 
  • productivity resources, 
  • and goal setting.

I release new blog posts weekly on Wednesdays. 

#2 – is another blog that I recommend. releases about 16 blog posts a week. To get the most out of the blog, visit it once a week and read what sticks out to you. The best place to start is the posts on productivity. This blog is not only on productivity. 

It covers a variety of topics, such as:

  • building habits, 
  • time management, 
  • and goal setting. 

Leon Ho started the blog to help people get over their limitations. He also wanted to give people the tools to be successful in life. His primary audience is people who work in a corporate environment. I discovered his tips apply to people from all walks of life. 

The blog covers the following categories:

  • motivation
  • productivity
  • work
  • success
  • communication
  • happiness
  • fitness
  • health
  • parenting
  • relationships
  • money

#3 – Scott H.Young

The next blog I want to cover is Scott H Young. He releases a new blog post once a week on Monday. Start with the latest blog posts or the Start Here page. On the Start Here page, you can browse posts by topic. You can also register with the section on productivity. 

Scott uses various examples and research in his blog posts, which makes this blog a good read. It is interesting to read what science says about productivity. 

The best place to start reading this blog is the section on productivity. Then branch out into other topics that might interest you. Scott created this blog to find out what is the ideal way to live. The blog is very robust, features over a thousand articles, and covers diverse topics. 

The blog covers these areas of productivity:

  • week/daily goals
  • why is taking action so hard?
  • Discipline
  • lazy
  • productivity
  • productivity guilt
  • best of productivity

#4 – The PositivityBlog

The Positivity Blog is fascinating. This blog releases on a slower schedule than most of the other blogs. The blog releases a new post each month.

To get the most out of this blog:

  1. Start with the Start Here page or with one of the popular posts.
  2. If you start with the Start Here page, begin with the new posts.
  3. Read backward from there.

Or you can read what interests you. 

This blog is also different from the other blogs on the list. It teaches you how to be productive by making positive changes.

It also features: 

  • actions you can take to improve your life, 
  • quotes, and 
  • motivational articles.

Check out the comment sections of each post because they contain valuable insights. The readers of this blog are very engaged. 

#5 – Asian Efficiency

Asian Efficiency combines the science of productivity with fun. It also gives you valuable information on the GTD method. It is for people who want to be productive in their personal and professional lives. 

Blog posts are frequently updated. Asian Efficiency releases new articles each week on Monday. Begin with the Start Here page and work your way from the last post forwards. You can also start with the Productivity Tips category.

#6 – Productive Headspace

Productive Headspace is an excellent blog to read. Sindre Kaupang explains productivity concepts from various sources well. He’s good at combining information from multiple sources into easy-to-understand blog posts. The articles in this blog are very detailed. 

The blog posts are very long and technical so break them into chunks to absorb all the information. Breaking them up is more manageable than reading them in one sitting. This blog focused on building the skills tied to productivity. Kaupang created the blog to help others be more productive. The blog covers a variety of topics related to productivity. 

These include:

  • accelerated learning
  • concentration
  • efficiency
  • life
  • memorization
  • mental models
  • productive Headspace
  • productivity

 Kaupang releases a new blog post every month. Begin with the general productivity category and then read the latest articles. 

#7 –

Laura Ernest is a veteran in the industry. Although Laura’s blog focuses on deliberate living, she provides valuable information on productivity. Ernest releases new blog articles about once a week. She doesn’t have a set schedule on what day she releases them. On her blog, you should start with the productivity category. 

Her blog does have a Start Here page because it’s still under construction. You can also start with one of her 30-day challenges. She explains what her challenges are. Then she describes what steps she’s going to do over 30 days. These are good to try yourself. You can understand her productivity methods and how she does things. 

Ernest’s blog is also good because of her experience. She has a complete understanding of productivity, and she shares her entire journey. She’s very open on her blog. 


I gave you seven productivity blogs to read. If you read these blogs and apply the tips you learned, you will boost your productivity. Many of the lessons you will learn from these blogs will help you out in your productivity journey. When you’re reading any of the blogs on this list, take notes. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post. I appreciate it. I hope you’re able to check out these blogs that I recommended, and the lessons from these blogs help you. 

By Deborah

Deborah is the main content writer at Lazy Jack. She enjoys being a productivity master, being a cat mom, and making new discoveries.