Browse Better With These 8 Chrome Productivity Extensions

Did you know you can make Chrome more productive by installing browser extensions? Browser extensions are like apps for your browser. They add additional features to your browser so you can customize it to fill your needs.

There are several productivity extensions for Chrome. These extensions can reduce the time it takes for you to complete a task in your browser. They also add features that will help you become organized.

In this blog post, I will share my favorite types of productivity extensions for Chrome. I’ll also recommend the best one in each category.

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Compatible Browsers

The recommended extensions work with any Chromium-based browser. You might run into a few compatibility issues, but most should work fine. If one doesn’t work, find a comparable one in the Chrome Web Store.

The most popular Chromium-based browsers are: 

  • Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Vivaldi
  • Opera
  • Brave
  • Epic
  • Dissenter
  • Chromium

How to Install browser extensions

Before I give you the list of browser extensions, I want to tell you how to install them. It’s pretty easy. 

  1. Go to the Chrome Store in your browser
  2. Search for the extension you want to install 
  3. Click install

Here are a few extra tips when using browser extensions:

  • Be careful with the number of extensions you install. Installing a lot of extensions can make your browser run slow. I don’t recommend installing more than 20 extensions.
  • Check the compatibility of the extensions you install. Installing many extensions of the same type might cause compatibility issues.
  • Make sure the extension’s last update was in the past year. There are several extensions in the Chrome Web Store that aren’t up-to-date. These extensions may have security issues.
  • Remove browser extensions when you’re no longer using them. Also, remove them if the developer stops updating them. Removing old browser extensions will keep your browser secure. 
  • If you notice an extension is slowing down your browser or is full of bugs, uninstall it.
  • Download extensions from official sources. Unofficial extensions might open your browser up to vulnerabilities.
  • Many extensions will make you less productive. Test how each one affects your productivity.

#1 – Password Manager

I recommend using a password manager. It is often difficult to remember all the passwords we use. A password manager allows us to have a single password to access all our online accounts. It also keeps our passwords secure by generating hard to guess passwords. 

Although Chrome has this feature built-in, I still think password managers work better. It allows you to use the same account across different browsers. Many also work with apps outside the browser. For example, if you use Chrome at home and Microsoft Edge at work, you can access your passwords in both browsers. 

I recommend LastPass.

#2 – Spelling and Grammatical Checker

Spelling and grammar checkers will improve your online writing. The spelling and grammar checker embedded in Chrome misses critical errors. It also doesn’t account for different writing styles. A browser-based checker usually has multiple settings. These settings allow you to customize your writing for its intended audience.

I recommend Grammarly.

#3 – Web Clipper

A web clipper allows you to save an entire webpage or part of a webpage to a cloud storage provider. You are also able to save videos, images, and emails for safe-keeping. Web clippers also make it easy to share the content you find online. Some even allow you to annotate the content.

I recommend Evernote Web Clipper.

#4 – Picture-in-Picture

A picture-in-picture extension lets you view videos in a pop-out mode. I use this type of extension when I am following a tutorial. It prevents me from having to pause a video repeatedly when I follow its steps. I also don’t have to worry about switching browser windows when I watch a video.

I recommend Picture-in-Picture Extension (by Google).

#5 – Note-Taking

Note-taking extensions allow you to take quick notes while browsing online. If you see a piece of text or image you want to save for later, you can easily save it. You can organize and share the text you save.

You can use note-taking apps to: 

  • save contact information 
  • notate important information from websites 
  • create reminders
  • jot down your thoughts as you browse

I recommend Google keep.

#6 – Dictionary

An extension that has helped me several times is a dictionary extension. Instead of searching for a word’s definition, I double click on it, and the definition pops up. I also get its pronunciation. Another benefit of using a dictionary extension is my vocabulary improves.

I recommend Google Dictionary (by Google).

#7 – Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is another extension I recommend. It allows you to access another computer from your browser window. The extension is helpful if you need access to important computer files. You can also use it to troubleshoot issues on a friend’s computer.

The operating system installed on the computer doesn’t matter. Adding the extension to both devices grants you access. You must also set a password. Remote desktops are very secure. You don’t have to worry about anyone unauthorized gaining access to your computer. The only way someone can gain access is if they have the remote access password.

I recommend Chrome Remote Desktop.

#8 – Ad Blocker

I Understand the ads are a part of the Internet. I’m not against websites using ads to promote their products or their services. I have used them several times. I added an ad blocker to the list because only ads are very distracting.

Ad blockers reduce the number of ads you see online. They also decrease the amount of time it takes for a webpage to load. Installing an ad blocker will increase your productivity.

I recommend Ghostery.


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. We went over 

  • chromium-bases browsers, 
  • how to install browser extensions, 
  • and the best browser extensions for Chrome. 

The information in this blog post lets you browse faster, safer, and more productively.

By Deborah

Deborah is the main content writer at Lazy Jack. She enjoys being a productivity master, being a cat mom, and making new discoveries.