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The Lazy Jack Lingo

Here are the two most common terms you will find mentioned throughout this blog. I want to define them for you so that we are on the same page.

  • Productive – complete a task in the most efficient way
  • Goal-Setting – the process of setting a goal

What We Blog About

We want to keep the focus of our blog narrow. We do this because want want to provide the best information on productivity. Our blog categories will remain the same for the lifetime of the blog. Sometimes we may deviate from our focus on productivity, so we have a category called Other Stuff.

Where to Start Reading

Where you start reading depends on your goals, interests, and level of proficiency.

  1. Start with our blog posts on goal-setting. These posts will give you a foundation for getting started on your productivity journey.
  2. Then move onto productivity techniques. Our blog posts on productivity techniques will help you put your goals into action.
  3. After you finish reading about different productivity techniques, read our category on productivity resources. The productivity resources we mention will enhance the productivity tips you learned.


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What’s Comming in 2021

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  • 10 New Courses on Productivity and Goal Setting
  • 3 New Challenges